Let’s start from the beginning. You’re searching for ways to better manage and increase lead conversions. Your inbox is consistently swamped with inbound and outbound emails to and from potential clients. Your marketing team has been doing their best. However, no sales conversion is happening. Now you ask why?

Are you taking the time to reach out to every single inquiry? Are you showing and telling what current clients love about you? Do you have a CRM software in Singapore? Perhaps not. If you don't have a reliable CRM system yet, here are the ways it can help your sales:

Improved communication

Wasteful meetings and excessive emails are two of the main distractors for marketers, and lack of communication or miscommunication is the most common source of interdepartmental conflict.

With shared work management software, both marketing and sales can enjoy greater efficiency. A CRM system helps managers generate focused tracking reports and extensive contact records. The CRM software can also help the business better track what marketing or sales outreach tactics are most effective.

Shared goals and expectations

With sales and marketing collaborating to define the lead generation, sales nurturing and scoring strategies, successful organizations create bridges between strictly differentiated departments. Instead of working for different goals with unclear expectations of one another, the teams can begin to work together to generate ideas, reduce bottlenecks and inform the business’s understanding of its customer base.

Improve lead quality

Savvy digital marketers that focus on lead generation will use marketing automation, progressive profiling, and lead scoring to improve their data gathering and assessment efforts. Without doing so, sales teams may perceive leads to be lower quality and leads may fall through the cracks. Without a CRM system in Malaysia, your marketing and sales teams would stagger to improve. Imagine data gathering efforts by updating web forms, chat tools, and lead enrichment efforts to get better insights on leads. That just takes time.

Gain opportunities

A CRM can help give sales teams more data that can be useful in evaluating, pitching, and supporting sales leads. As a lead first enters the CRM, there may be little useful information about their interests, pain points, challenges, goals, company size, and their buying authority. However, with the use of marketing automation, leads may progressively provide more information about themselves and their interests over time. This data can be used throughout the sales process.

By improving the data that can be acquired on a lead, your sales team will be able to make better decisions with the leads in their system. Useful data points may include, company yearly revenue, role/title of the contact, pain points, solutions and interests, and decision-making stage.

What is the point of marketing if you don't convert?

Converting inquiries to new clients can be a lengthy process. As long as you are dedicating time and energy into getting prospects from point A to point B, you’ll likely see an increase in inquiries that convert to sales. Get in a rhythm that works for your home care agency. It will take time to figure out, but these four tips should help you get started.

If you need sales management solutions, talk to us and let us help you. Star CRM understands your business needs more than anyone else. Schedule an appointment now.

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