Successful event management is the skill of applying project management knowledge in the organization of simple, medium or complex events.

The events may range from birthdays, weddings, festivals, games to conferences. For any event, the organizing team is led by a manager or a group of managers. They are responsible for controlling, planning, giving tasks to their staff and periodically evaluating the progress with CRM software in Malaysia. The skill of each manager is weighed on the productivity and quality of the event in question. So, how efficient is your event management?

Is your marketing automated?

This is perhaps one of the most convenient features of the CRM event management software that saves up a lot of time and money. You can create a database of your leads. As soon as an attendee registers for an event, his/her data is added on to the database.

You can send out targeted e-mails and set up social media campaigns and event download a CSV file of this updated database. You can segregate them as per you want and schedule your promotional activities accordingly.

Segregation can be based on multiple factors. For example, you can classify your attendees based on attendees who have registered and attendees who have purchased a ticket. This will help you create separate marketing campaigns. You can send out promotional messages notification, e-mails, etc. to attendees who have purchased a ticket. On the other hand, for attendees who have simply registered without a ticket, you can try and pursue them to do so to maximize your ticket revenue.

You can also track every digital activity about your event with the help of event analytics, ranging from registrations to website clicks to the entire ticket drop-off process. The best part is that this database is easily accessible. Hence, with CRM, your entire marketing campaign can be easily automated.

Do you have a sales force management?

It is always a difficult task to maintain and track the activities of your entire sales team. At times, it can be tedious and confusing. With a CRM, you can enlist your entire team on one platform.

All your sales force members can then keep a record of their activities on the CRM platform. It is a great way to bring together all the members of your team and track their progress. It also helps in preventing duplication of any data.

You can track and manage inventory, event sales, customer interactions etc. with the sales force management and sales management solutions. Your entire event management team is in one place with CRM.

Do you have contact management?

One of the oldest and most basic features of CRM software is its potential to create and manage your contacts. Contacts in the older times might just have included a list of office telephone numbers.

However, we are in a time when communication has been channelized to multiple sources and all these contact points have to be documented and managed. With a contact center solution in Malaysia, you can maintain a database of all your contacts, their email accounts, contact numbers and other contact information with the help of CRM.

Planners can include this contact information in their registration forms which will then be directly recorded and included in the CRM database if it is integrated accordingly. You can then manage your leads’ contacts and sync it with your marketing campaigns as well.

Do you have great organizational skills?

Organising an event requires being exceptionally organized yourself as well as able to prioritize and multitask. Ask any bride if you don’t believe me (good that most women are natural multitaskers). The event manager needs to coordinate several responsibilities and manage many people simultaneously. Also, even the best planning or CRM event management software cannot compensate for the lack of organisational skills.

However, if you've got what it takes to lead an event but doesn't have the CRM tools to be efficient, let Star CRM Malaysia help, contact us today.



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