Do you feel that you and your staff are not working to full capacity? If you answer yes, do not worry, you are not the only one. Wasted time at work costs organisations, so if you were able to increase the productivity of your team with a CRM system, even just a little, what effect would that have on your business? Productivity would improve if they had faster access to more accurate data and analytics allowing them to make better business decisions.

An easy way to gain a comprehensive, integrated view of your business data is with a reliable CRM software in Malaysia. You work smarter and faster, enabling you to realise ultimate productivity gains, so you have time to focus your attention on more important business-critical activities.

Here are our ways to automate and implement your CRM in your workplace and improve productivity:

Create a task list

This function allows you to focus on different types of tasks. By tailoring your task list to suit your schedule, you can eliminate downtime and minimise time spent on non-productive activities. For example, do your salespeople inadvertently decrease their productivity by attempting to make sales calls at the wrong time? You can use outbound call centre solutions to maximise your productivity by minimising wasted call times in two easy steps.

Schedule the next step

Schedule what has to happen next in the interaction in your CRM software. For example, you have just finished a call with a new lead and promised to email him next week with some new information. Schedule a to-do for next week and even a follow-up call to ensure that he receives the information okay. Once scheduled, you can forget about it and deal with what needs doing today.

Limit alarms for important events only

Avoid setting alarms for all activities as they can be distracting. Additionally, alarms and notifications on activities tend to make important ones hide in the confusion as people tend to select snooze alarms, making them irrelevant. When you get used to managing your daily tasks through your CRM, you will find you would not need alarms unless you must not miss the task.

Customise your dashboard

By customising your CRM dashboard, you simplify data entry and remove unwanted fields to avoid unnecessary distractions. A well-designed dashboard will increase the efficiency in which tasks are done and completed. Additionally, it will look and function like it is designed specifically for your business.

Integrate with other business tools

You can integrate Star CRM's CRM solutions in Malaysia with other business tools. For example, when sending and receiving emails, your CRM automatically attaches these emails to your contacts history, so there is a central location for all interactions. It allows you to easily locate information and evaluate customer interactions to determine appropriate next steps. Other great time-saving features are the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel with just one click or perform mail merges to Outlook or Word.

Take control over your CRM to boost work productivity

Increasing worker productivity through technology, data analytics, and more efficient processes are keys to boosting and beating the skills crisis. By controlling your HR software solution and task environment effectively, you can ensure all tasks are completed on time, allowing you to meet your deadlines every time and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

If you need a CRM system in Malaysia, discover more on our website, talk to us, and let us help you with your business needs today.



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